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How Granite Is Quarried and Fabricated

How Granite Is Quarried and Fabricated

Granite can be a natural stone of course we all understand and it is composed of two naturally sourced phenomena ultra metamorphosis and crystal fractionation. The two of these processes involve hot temperature and pressure that made volcanic magma (also known as granitic magma) to be in down in the layers of pre-existing metamorphic rocks from the plutonic region. It will require decades to generate such tantalizing pure beauty that we known as granite stone. It's not only its aesthetic beauty but also the robust structure beneath its surface that is as appreciable since it's surface appearance.

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How Granite Is Fabricated

It was first Egyptian era that explored the application of granite among the elegant decorative stone around the exteriors of the building however that time granite was simply extracted and polished by rubbing them against the other person or using emery paper and water.

Speculate time passed and pyramid of Giza was discovered people became privy to this precious resource which is distributed during the planet earth. People started digging out more info on granite stone and even some started quarrying the granite for their business but with the assistance of heavy machinery and buffing tools extracted granite converted into a magnificent part of stone.

Today even the methodology for processing granite after quarrying is analogous such as nineteen century though the creation of better technology made this work easier and efficient. All the natural stones whether its granite or marble have unique colour combination as a result of existence of certain particular compounds in numerous concentration nevertheless the refinement of such colours depends what it is processed.

How Our Technologies are Contributing in Granite Processing

As I told you earlier that granite manufacturers using several heavy machineries to further improve the beauty superiority quarried granite. Saws, polishing pads and routers etc are one of the widely used equipments in this methodology. The whole processing of granite is basically separated into different stages namely; dressing, slicing, polishing and edge trimming. Every stage features its own dedicated equipments and methodology.

- Its first stage is dressing that basically use large hammers and dressing picks to really make the extracted granite stone clean in shape. It just provides a rough shape to granite chunk before getting into next phase.

- Second stage is slicing where heavy machineries with diamond shaped saw are employed to slice on the chunks of granite into standard size slabs to enable them to often be processed and transported further.

- Polishing is third stage which also includes grinding of the company's surface. This stage gives crowning glory to granite stone with the buffing pads and makes its surface shiny and smooth.

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Post by granite56bar (2016-10-24 16:43)

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